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appleholdingI was born in Zimbabwe, before moving to England, then India, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Australia. I have a degree in International Relations. I am Revlon Cosmetics’ Official Online Beauty Reviewer. My style icon is Grace Kelly. I have performed in the Vagina Monologues. Twice. I have a, some would say, unhealthy addiction to chilli flavoured rice cakes. I will challenge anyone to Mariokart. I have an unearthly fear of snakes. If given the chance I would gladly give up a year of my life to follow the Formula 1 circuit around the world. I practise walking in high heels every chance I get and have never owned a pair of shoes that didn’t hurt me (not pretty ones anyway). I used to be an Izzy but am now definitely a Meredith. I apparently can’t answer a question simply and sometimes have issues with the concept of Too Much Information.

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  1. Shelley Brook permalink
    11/07/2011 22:12

    Managed to find you. Hope the hair stayed looking good and you enjoyed your time in London! Shell

    • 12/07/2011 12:34

      Hi Shelley! Just posted the article! Check it out here! Thanks so much again! Look forward to my next visit – and keep me updated on your new looks! x

  2. 12/08/2011 11:24

    This description could easily be used to describe me too, particularly the “too much information” part!

    Your blog is quite simply amazing, I adore you’re writing style and I love the topics you write about.

    New devoted follower here!

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