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The Lipstick That Suits EVERYONE??? *New Pictures Added*


GLAMOUR (South Africa) recently offered a FREE lipstick with their magazine – a natural berry hue that sits midway between pink and red – with the promise that it was “the shade to suit everyone”.

Big claim.

My aim?

To find out if this was true. I took four very different skin tones and hair colours and tried it on all of them.

The results?

Judge for yourself…

The English Rose...

A Fiery Redhead...

Golden Brown...


Pale and Interesting

Dusky beauty

What’s your verdict? Did YOU try the lipstick? Let me know what you thought and upload your photo to the gallery!

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  1. bonkasaurus permalink
    22/07/2011 09:31

    I think It looks best on the Golden Brown girl. I wish I could try the lipstick but i live in the US..

    -Bianca at

    • 22/07/2011 09:58

      Thanks! That’s my photo – I wear it all the time now! I will try and find out more details about the lipstick for you x

  2. Shirley permalink
    05/08/2011 12:37

    I am amazed how one colour can actually look great on all 4 skin types and hair colours! I want one please Glamour 😦

  3. Adele permalink
    10/08/2011 17:21

    Love Dusky Beauty, not so sure about Pale and Interesting though…

  4. Stacey Lloyd permalink
    11/08/2011 17:25

    Cool… where can I get one? Although, can you tell me, what does it feel like on? Because I am not really a big fan of wearing lipstick, always feels a little strange!

    • 11/08/2011 22:52

      According to Gina Beretta (Glamour Beauty Assistant) the only way to get one was to buy the magazine! It was made especially for the issue 😦 Maybe you could contact them directly. As for how it feels, unless I am going for a particularly strong or bold look I always wear lipbalm under my lipsticks and then apply with a lip brush – it’s a lot easier to control how much you put on this way and you get a nice, even coverage. Then I blot! Honestly, it really doesn’t feel like I am wearing anything at all but it gives a really lovely tint. x

  5. Tolu permalink
    11/08/2011 20:59

    English Rose and Golden Brown are my favourites!

    • 11/08/2011 22:45

      Thanks! Am quite partial to dusky beauty myself – but then I think anything would look good on that girl! I had wonderful models.

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