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Bad Hair Day? It was Blown away…


It was one of those spur of the moment things… a much needed pick-me-up after a tough week. And after one of those weeks you sometimes just need your friends around you. And if you and that friend can fit in a little pampering session then all the better!

To cheer ourselves up some women indulge in shopping sprees, or gorge on comfort food, some throw back a drink or two – whether that’s glasses or bottles is really beside the point…

Of course we did all those things but the first order of business – and a key component of the look good to feel good philosophy – was get out hair done.

You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair.

– Chinese Proverb

Cue a visit to Hersheson’s Blow Dry Bar

The Wavy Gravy - "Beach babe meets Rock'n'Roll"

Located in the basement of Oxford Circus’ Topshop the first challenge is to make it all the way down there without without getting distracted by all the pretty toggery, frippery and drapery that abounds there. The second – and even more difficult – challenge is to choose your hair style.

Handily displayed is an illustrated ‘menu’ of classic and retro-inspired looks that have been ingeniously updated so that all look as if they would be at home on the glossy centre pages of any top fashion bible.

The Marcel - Silver Screen Glamour

The Hersheson brand is described as ‘Stealth Styling’ and promises to have you in and out of the stylist’s chair and on your way to whatever glitzy event you’re attending in 30 minutes flat – perfectly coiffed and prepared to face the world with all the composure and self-assurance that only a truly great blow dry allows.

The Carlam - Uncontrived Chic

They offer updos too and this is where Hersheson salons really come into their own. Daniel Hersheson – founder and visionary – explains that this is what makes Hersheson Bars so unique.

Ragabilly - the future of updos?

“Other hairdressers don’t really put hair up. It’s not in their culture. They can’t.”

– Daniel Hersheson

And the service is personal too. My stylist, Shelley, regretfully informed me of what I had long suspected anyway – that my

The B 52 - If Brigitte Bardot was a biker chick...

long hair was simply too fine and without the requisite texture to really pull off the ‘Marcel’ of my hair fantasies. BUT… a Marcel combined with a Wavy Gravy? Perfect! All the movement of beachy waves with all the polished glamour of the 40’s.

Big and Brushed - High Octane Bounce

Shelley should know – she has a degree in sculpture and is an experienced dog groomer. Both of which, oddly, make her perfect for her current job.

All the stylists are trained and encouraged to think outside the box. They understand fashion and how it evolves. In fact, not only do they adapt to changing trends but they predict and even create them. Shelley tells me that they will soon be adding a new style to their menu and that the stylists themselves will be putting forward their ideas.

Shelley’s idea? An updo version of the Marcel.

Diane Kruger

Perhaps something like Diane Kruger’s 64th Venice Film Festival style? Or Kate Bosworth’s Costume Institute Gala look?

Kate Bosworth

Or maybe Mila Kunis’ slightly messier Oscars red carpet chignon?

Mika Kunis

If chosen, it will be interesting to see how Shelly and the Hersheson team update the style and give it that special Blow Dry Bar sparkle but I will definitely be checking in with them so WATCH THIS SPACE!

For the record… I LOVED my blow dry and though it did fall a little after a while (the fault of my fine hair and not my stylist) it fell in such a way that it evolved rather than disappeared and I am still loving the style three days later.

Hershesons have three Blow Dry Bars – in Oxford Circus, Westfield and St Pauls.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Jess permalink
    12/07/2011 14:57

    Desperate to see a pic of your amazing hair, I hope you took some. I shall definitely be making my way there when I’m next in London, had never heard of it!

    • 12/07/2011 17:03

      Wavy Gravy
      It’s not a great picture, taken on a camera phone. Looked MUCH better in real life!

      • 22/07/2011 10:09

        And THIS is a picture my friend sent me after getting HER hair done at the Blow Dry Bar – it’s the Carlam – isn’t it gorgeous??
        Charlie Carlam

  2. Stacey Lloyd permalink
    16/07/2011 07:48

    I was about to demand a picture too – glad Jess was one step ahead of me! Sound so exciting though, what fun!

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