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Part 3 of… How to Throw a Fabulously Retro Lingerie Party! (FOOD and DRINK)


Next installment in the series, following on from HOW TO THROW A FABULOUSLY RETRO LINGERIE PARTY (DECOR)

Let’s be honest… Food and Drink… really my favourite part of any party. Who’s with me??

I thought so…

First of all, this was a cocktail party so finger food was a must. It was kept simple so almost everything could be made ahead of time. Also, everything had an appropriately ‘retro’ feel – as if everything we were eating could easily have been enjoyed at a 1940’s (or 50’s or 60’s) cocktail evening.

We had:

  • Platter of Crudités
  • Chips and dips
  • Cocktail sausages
  • Cheese straws
  • And a wonderful creation from my sister – thick slices of cucumber layered with humous and topped with couscous

And what else goes amazingly well with cocktails? Cupcakes! Ok… so technically cupcakes go amazingly well with, well, everything. Isn’t that lucky?!

I thought so…

The desserts were given their own table which was covered with cupcakes, macarons and bowls of smarties. After all, what’s more girly than mini cakes, colourful candy and other icing-filled confectionary? Of course… there are always ways to make them EVEN MORE girly…

Each pink and blue-frosted cupcake was topped with (what else?) a pin-up girl

Have you ever heard a man crave a macaron? No. Likelihood is he won't even know what one is. This is the ultimate in feminine foods. Not totally convinced? Check out - I dare you not to fall into a sugar-induced coma of ecstasy at the sight

You'll Eat it and You'll Like It!

I made kitsch little signs to accompany all the food too…

And these extended to the cocktails.

Not just for breakfast indeed...












The cocktail menu. Fun twist: take classic cocktails and give them your own name that suits the theme or style of the party. In this case, it WAS a lingerie party… so A-Cup Appletini, Scanty Panty and Babydoll Bellini it was!

Btw, this awesome 1940's font is called 'Dusty Rose'...

And as for soft drinks… how fantastically perfect are these Frankie’s Olde Fashioned Soft Drinks chilled in a vintage Coca-Cola ice bucket?!

And finally, each guest was given her own fun personalised cocktail recipe card.

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  1. Stacey Lloyd permalink
    10/06/2011 12:22

    Awesome!!!! And I am not just saying that as the bride…! 🙂 Truly, it was a fantastic evening – one to be remembered (mostly!) with very happy memories. The details were the most outstanding element – the little touches were so thoughtful and well done. Amazing!

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