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This Summer’s Ray of Sunshine


This time last year I was touting the style credentials of Greige as the must-have colour for your nails.

This year’s trendsetter could NOT be more different. If the palette of summer ’10 personified elegance with edgy attitude then summer ’11 literally puts last year’s colour in the shade.

Chanel Le Vernis Mimosa

Once again Chanel has set the tone with the introduction of their gloriously radiant ‘Mimosa’. Perfectly named, this particular shade of yellow gold puts one in mind of sipping champagne and orange juice on a deck in the south of france. In short: it is young, and carefree while managing at the same time to still feel rich and luxurious.

And, as it is part ofthe Chanel ‘Le Vernis’ range, it is not just nail colour but nail care too. The original formula – exclusive to Chanel – uses bioceramides for extra hardening action. So while gentle on your nails, its tough resililience ensures a lasting hold.



Taking their cue from the Chanel runways, Nails Inc has followed suit and produced TWO very different alternatives within the trend.

Nails Inc 'Carnaby Street'

Carnaby Street is a bold flash of brilliant canary yellow – proving that yellow is most definitely NOT the colour of cowardice as only the most adventurous (and fashion forward) dare splash on this luminous look-at-me shade.

Nails Inc 'Sumner Place'

Never fear though, for the slighly more conservative have the option of Sumner Place, a delicate lemon-hued beauty. More reminiscent of an English summer, Sumner Place reminds me of long, lazy days spent lying in fields of buttercups, indulging in smooth vanilla ice-cream.



Barry M 'Lemon Ice Cream'

Which might be where Barry M got the inspirations for their offering – Lemon Ice Cream. They also offer a far more affordable price than the covetous Chanel option. A sunny and instant mood-lifter (without any of the later guilt).



Like Nails Inc, Revlon also allow you two ways to wear the trend.

Revlon Scented Nail Enamel in 'Beach'

Firstly, they have their Limited Edition Scented Nail Enamel in ‘Beach’. A yellowy green-gold this is a unique shade that will make your nails stand out from the crowd. A great way to wear a popular trend but still put an individual twist on it. Once dry, the enamel exudes the scent of the beach it is named after, capturing the tranquility of the seaside. Perfectly timed for summer, this range is only available until the end of August.

Revlon 'Sunshine Sparkle'

Revlon's 'Sunshine Sparkle'

And perfectly named for summer is my personal favourite… Revlon’s ‘Sunshine Sparkle’. Part of Revlon’s NEW spring/summer colection, it is the perfect combination of cool, summery yellow and subtle shimmer. Do use a few coats but the end result is worth it – it has an almost retro feel to it. Think… Brigitte Bardot in St Tropez. There are definitley worse things than feeling like a sex kitten living the high life…

Brigitte Bardot

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