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How to throw a fabulously RETRO lingerie party! Pt. 1…


So my little sister is getting married and as her bridesmaid it was up to me to throw her the best Bachelorette Party possible. Unfortunately my little sister had a list of stipulations.

1. Nothing public
2. Nothing embarrassing
3. No dressing up in embarrassing outfits
4. Basically, nothing that involved anyone actually looking at her

Well obviously that didn’t happen.

But I think I did come up with something that was suitably FUN, STYLISH, MEMORABLE… and just a little bit naughty…

The EVENT: Cocktail Evening/Lingerie Party

The THEME: 1940’s Pin-Up Girls!

First off… a mood board to capture the style and vibe of my vision:

Candy colours and retro prints + flashes of skin and witty one-liners = a deliciously fun and flirty mix of vintage girlie glamour

Now that the other bridesmaids knew what to expect it was time to let the guests in on the surprise…

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  1. Trudy permalink
    16/05/2011 15:36

    Well done Lara – looks like a nicely put together theme!! Clever thing! Hope you all had fun and a super memorable day

  2. San-Marie permalink
    20/05/2011 11:41

    Well done Lara! I’m sure it was loads of fun.

  3. Sarah permalink
    19/07/2012 07:41

    Would you consider sharing the file (so I can edit it for my date and what not) you used for your invite? It’s awesome!

  4. 19/11/2012 20:41

    Hello!! Is there a chance of getting the file for the invitation? It is exactly perfect for my sister’s upcoming bridal shower.


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