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Beauty Favourites for February- Crème Blush


With the vernal equinox only a month away, February is a month of hope. The hope that the cold, dark days of winter are behind us and new life will soon bloom. You may have noticed it is also a month of romance. So this month I have gone all mushy over one beauty product in particular.

Nothing conveys youth, vitality and romance better than a rosy glow and I have gone in search of the best products out there to bring colour to your cheeks. And I have to say… I have fallen in love. With cream blushes. One of the best tips I have ever been given is that when you apply blush “it should look as if you are glowing from the inside”.  So, for spring, forget angular contouring and defined bone structure and instead focus on the apples of your cheeks. This is a light, bright, carefree and happy look so for a great guide simply smile and take note of the fullest part of your face. Give your cheeks a little pinch and watch the rosy tint rush to the surface (alternatively, you could test this by kissing someone. I mean, it’s practically science). This is the natural look you should be aiming for when you apply your blush- after all you can’t go around pinching yourself or kissing people all day. Well… look, you can’t go round pinching yourself anyway.

Cream blushes are my absolute favourite for creating a totally natural look that is, at once, delicate and animated. They can really invigorate your complexion while giving it a subtle, dewy shimmer that will brighten up your whole face.


My top pick for a youthful and romantic countenance has to be The Body Shop’s ‘Cheek Colour’ in ‘raspberry pink’. I was devastated when The Body Shop discontinued its little tubes of cheek blush but I have to say that the new compacts are not only more stylish but are more practical too. Especially when it comes to scraping the bottom for the very last drop. Although you really can be quite sparing and still achieve the desired finish. Plus, the combination of marula and lanolin oils along with vitamin ‘E’ help to soften and moisturise your skin so you don’t have to worry about it drying out.

For a healthy, sun-kissed glow, I would recommend Becca’s ‘Crème Blush’ in ‘freesia’. (note: actual colour is very different to that displayed on the website. I would recommend trying it in person first.) I was given this when I worked in the Beauty Department at ‘Tatler’ and it has accompanied me around the world. This is a radiant and long-lasting colour, although they recommend layering it for “added drama”. To apply any cream blush, you can use a liquid foundation brush but I prefer to simply use my middle finger  to gently pat it onto the tops of my cheeks. Easily blendable, the little mirror makes it a breeze to touch up on the go.

* Always remember to moisturise your skin first to help any make-up go on smoothly and evenly. And drink plenty of water to hydrate and plump your skin for a naturally youthful and radiant look!


Daniel Sandler’s ‘Watercolour’ Fluid Blusher:

This is an extremely long-lasting formula that is easy to apply. It is, as you might expect, a quite watery solution so I suggest using the back of your hand as your ‘paint palette’; gently squeeze two drops onto your hand and then apply it to your cheeks using the range’s ‘waterbrush’ or your finger. For the ‘young romantic’ look I recommend shades ‘Cherub’ and ‘Life’ for sheer, shimmery highlights.

Benefit’s ‘Posietint’ Cheek Stain:

This little product may look like a bottle of nail varnish but it’s actually a hard-working, double duty cheek and lip stain. This super-concentrated liqui-gel formula needs only 3 dabs on each cheek for an instant brightening effect and a pretty, translucent finish. You do need to blend quickly though- so do one cheek at a time. For a deeper, sexier flush try the original ‘Benetint’ for a rosy, ‘innocent yet provocative’, glow.

Thanks to guest reviewer, Emma G!

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