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The Fairer Sex


questionHave you ever noticed how there seem to be a strangely high number of pretty girls with- how can I put this tactfully- rather less attractive men? It seems to me that there are two possible explanations for this: either there are just too many gorgeous girls in this world and not enough handsome men to go around, or, quite simply, physical attributes are just not as important to women when choosing partners.

It turns out that both answers are probably right, and may in fact be connected.

Scientists have been developing a theory that we, as women, are actually becoming better looking with every generation. Researchers have also discovered that beautiful women generally produce more children than less attractive females. Apparently it is oestrogen that causes shiny hair, plump skin, large eyes and full lips, i.e. all the things that men find attractive, and also results in increased fertility. As a scientist friend astutely commented, “It’s so ironic how men are total commitment-phobes that run a mile at the mention of a baby, but subconsciously they still pick the lady who is most likely to conceive quickly!”

goldieandkateSignificantly, not only do beautiful women produce more offspring, but a higher percentage of their children are female, which means that the pattern of beauty in the female line is continued and strengthened. The very fact that good-looking parents are far more likely to conceive daughters indicates an evolutionary strategy that has been programmed into our DNA to ensure survival of the species.

Now consider that the same physical trend cannot be applied to the male of our species. While, in general, women are evolving to become more physically attractive, no such change has been observed in men. And those same scientists have reported that handsome men are no more successful when it comes to producing offspring than plain men are. This would suggest that, unlike women who have had to respond to the male requirement for visual stimulation, there has very little incentive for men’s appearance to evolve over time.

As if we didn’t already know that.

It appears that legendary screen siren Zsa Zsa Gabor was indeed correct when she declared that “Men love with their eyes; women love with their ears.” And, being married nine times herself, she had more experience of loving men than most. It appears that Hollywood is taking notice of this trend. Just consider any Judd Apatow movie- they are filled with awkward, unfit, average Joes who inevitably stir the passions of their considerably hotter female co-stars. And these movies are popular because female viewers are drawn to the sweet, sincere protagonists and the moving, romantic storylines, while male movie-goers get to ogle the eye candy.

It’s all about eyes and ears, girls. That old adage really is true… you can’t fight biology.


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  1. 03/10/2010 16:22

    The very fact that good-looking parents are far more likely to conceive daughters ….I have THREE daughters 🙂 🙂 :)Like it Pretty in Print!

  2. Neil Lloyd permalink
    04/10/2010 15:04

    You’ve got to understand something about us boys from the Southern Hemisphere. Unlike the Northerners of the previous Colonial Empires, who’s current entertainment consists of playing tennis with a T V and can only communicate over the internet; us boys from down South are still a little old school. Down here in the Post Colonial nations of Africa, we’re still a little traditional. We believe in staying fit and healthy through a steady dosage of sports (only up until we’re married-I must admit) and we do enjoy our daily dose of Vitamin B. Basically we’re fitter, more tanned, more adventurous and just plain better looking – up until we’re married that is; at which point the general tendency is to focus more on eating, sleeping, beer and rugby. It’s our downfall, but then again at least we’re handsome for the wedding photos.

    • 04/10/2010 15:08

      Haha… very funny- I knew all the handsome men must be hiding somewhere and now we know where! But what is all this about ‘only until marriage’? Do your women let themselves go then to? Not much of an incentive to make it official is it?

  3. Neil Lloyd permalink
    04/10/2010 15:26

    One mustn’t commit the naturalistic fallacy of deriving an ‘ought’ from an ‘is’. To say that the general tendency of Post Colonial African Middle Class Men is to put on considerable weight post wedlock through beer, braai (barbeque) meat and hours of couch surfing, is merely an observation of reality. To say that this is how men should act, is a whole other question. To be honest men shouldn’t do most things they do…but they do. I do feel sorry for all the women who feel like they have an obligation to still fit in their wedding dresses 20 years later, while feeding their husbands to the point of Heart disease, but please for your own health and safety do not follow in pursuit. You’ll probably live longer than your husband, and be able to enjoy his pension.

    • 04/10/2010 15:29

      So… basically- you agree? When it comes to relationships, men are more shallow than women and place more importance on their wife’s looks? Is that a ‘general tendency’?

  4. 05/10/2010 16:19

    NL… us ladies are waiting for your reply to Pretty in Print????? Are men more shallow than women and place more importance on their wife’s looks?

  5. Emma permalink
    05/10/2010 18:58

    Very wise that scientist friend of yours… Best article yet!

    • 05/10/2010 19:04

      Oh yes… I make it a point to surround myself with very smart people. Never know when they will prove useful! Thanks for your help x


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