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How To… Lead a More Glamorous Life


FoChanelno5r the second of what I hope will be many ‘How To…’ posts, I want to follow up on a previous article: ‘Has Glamour Lost its Meaning?

Yes, glamour is illusory, but I say- why not recreate the illusion in your own life?

I am assuming by the fact that you are taking the time to read this article, that your life does not currently consist of attending movie premiers or awards shows, or lounging around on private yachts or sipping champagne in the hot tubs of ski chalets.

Your life might be the furthest thing from glamorous that you can imagine but just a few simple changes or additions could have a big impact on how glamorous others perceive you to be and, most importantly of all, how glamorous you feel.

Simply follow my Top Ten Tips for achieving a more glamorous life…


Will you be trying any of these tips for yourself?

Do you have any glamorous tips of your own??

Leave a comment and tell me all about it!


Read “Has Glamour Lost Its Meaning’HERE

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  1. 24/06/2011 19:38

    i really loved all these tips, i think just having special time for your self and spoiling you’re Ego and giving it all what you desire, then you’ll have a Glamours life

    • 05/07/2011 14:36

      Thank you! That is exactly it – I hope you are feeling glamorous! Thanks for your feedback – let me know if you try any of the tips and if they work for you x

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