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I know you are all gorgeous, stylish, intelligent and interesting, with impeccable taste- you are reading this blog after all… letter

So I want to hear from you! I want your opinions on the latest trends and your thoughts on issues that are important to you. I want your suggestions on how to make this a better site and requests for articles on subjects you really want to read about.

So please leave your comments and let me know what’s on your mind.

And remember to keep checking back regularly for updates- I will be sure to credit you when I use your suggestions!

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  1. Elizabeth Bennet permalink
    01/08/2010 22:31

    Hello Aphrodite!

    What do you think of the this article and airbrushed magazine photos in general?


  2. Stacey permalink
    25/08/2010 08:22

    I have a suggestion… or rather, I know a guy who has a suggestion!… would love to have some thoughts on the use of pet names and terms of indearment within relationships. Which ones are appropriate, when its time to start using them… are they are only for women and not men… all those sorts of things!

    Look forward to hearing your intelligent and witty opinion!


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