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Opinion: Makeup… Concealing or Revealing?


I truly believe that there is something beautiful about every single person. And I am not talking about being beauitful on the inside, I am talking physically, tangibly, visibly beautiful on the outside.

Because of the inside.


(And I want your opinion…)

I may seem to be contradicting myself but how often have you seen someone’s entire face transformed with a smile born of unfeigned, unguarded joy? Or eyes that light-up with curiosity or understanding? On the other hand, a ‘cruel’ mouth can spoil the most perfect of faces and cold, flinty eyes are likely to give an overall impression¬† self-interested detachment, both of which lessen the overall appeal and serve only to repel admiration.

My point is this: how we feel about ourselves is reflected in the way we appear to others. Similarly, certain aspects of our personalities are more obvious in the way we present ourselves.

Therefore my question is: why do we use makeup? EvaNoMakeup

Should we feel confident in our own natural beauty shining through and refuse to conform and cater to any specific ideal? Can natural beauty really even be improved on? French ELLE was certainly willing to support this view when in their April issue this year they photographed models and actresses ‘au naturale’ for their covers demonstrating that women don’t need makeup, or even airbrushing, to display their true beauty. Surely if we were allowed to let go of our obsession with perfection we would be happier- which would be reflected in our faces.


Can we instead use makeup as a way of more accurately reflecting the different facets of our personalities to the world? For example, when going to a business meeting I want my sophisticated professionalism to be on display, probably using minimal makeup in muted shades. But on a night out I want my date to see the fun and flirty side of me. Feminine pastels may show sensitivity and vulnerability while red lips and sex kitten eyes appear confident and daring. The fact that the latter may give your date a hint as to the eventual direction of the date illustrates how makeup can be a tool for communication- not least how you wish to communicate your personality to the rest of the world.


I am very interested in hearing your thoughts on this issue so please leave a comment telling me on which side of the fence you sit and why. Do you think all magazines should shoot their models without cosmetic aides or do you regularly use makeup to reinvent yourself? Hopefully this will be the first of many ‘Opinion’ posts!

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  1. Adele permalink
    06/04/2010 20:44

    Love this! Great idea for an article. I remember saying to my mum as a kid that I would NEVER wear makeup because women shouldn’t have to cover up their looks. I do wear makeup now, but not for that reason. To enhance natural looks and for fun. Feeling happy or confident can make me look prettier, but looking prettier can also make me feel happier.

  2. Stacey permalink
    13/04/2010 15:33

    Like Adele, I remember vowing as a child to never wear make up too – so what happened?! Sadly we live in a world where we as women feel the need to enhance or to conceal the blemishes and inperfections due to the images we are presented with, the level of beauty we are presented with, and feel the need to compete with… therefore if the media did indeed present women rather ‘au natural’, we would not feel the need to compete on such a level… Personally, I feel that its best to be as natural as possible on a daily basis, that way, for the special occasions, bring out the make-up for the ‘wow’ factor!

    • 13/04/2010 15:36

      Do you think magazines have a responsibility to be more transparent about the level of air-brushing they use- if they refuse to stop using it? Or celebrities- do they have aresponsibility to be honest about any plastic surgery they may have had? (ie Demi Moore…?) Do you think this would have an impact on the amount of pressure we feel ourselves to be under?

  3. Emma permalink
    14/04/2010 15:22

    Love the blog! and love this article! But iit’s more than makeup that changes how the world sees you, isn’t dita von teese a natural blonde too…..

    • PrettyinPrint permalink*
      14/04/2010 17:35

      Thanks for voting! And thanks for your comments- I think I see the potential for another article on this topic…


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