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Beauty Favourites for March… Greige?


So it may be the LAST day of March, but I’m technically not cheating, right? Besides, this surprising trend may not be exactly a style staple but – judging by the number of beauty houses honouring it and, more importantly, the number of celebrity fashionistas wearing  it – the peculiar polish seems set to to be the hot new shade for spring and summer.

Those in the fashion-know are calling this strange not-quite-taupe, almost-mushroom, verging-on-putty pigment ‘greige’.

Yes. Greige.

As in, a mixture of Grey… and Beige. While such a combination may sound bland (at best) it turns out it is an unexpectedly easy colour to wear, while being, at once, both elegant and edgy.

Chanel has once again hit the nail on the head (sorry, it’s the 31st of March… I don’t have time to be clever) with their Particulière polish,modelled by Lily Allen. But others have been quick to climb on this particular beauty train; Rihanna, Mena Suvari, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lauren Conrad, Sandra Bullock and Eva Mendes have all been spotted rocking the nude look.

With the £19 Chanel sensation flying off the shelves, O.P.I. offer a selection of their own versions in the form of ”Tickle My France-y’ and ‘You don’t know Jacques’ and, as their names suggest, they positively exude Parisian chic.

Meanwhile, No. 7 have come up with Speed Dry Nail Colour in ‘Beanie’.

And Revlon are reported to be launching their very own ‘Grey Suede’ this June; a great – and, at £6.29, a much cheaper – alternative.

As always, let me know what you think!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. 31/03/2010 19:01

    Really like it!!!

  2. Adele permalink
    24/08/2010 11:41

    I’m gonna go find the revlon version. I wanna try it.
    A x

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